Griff’s Game of the Week: Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

(For those wondering, this won’t be a regular column, just a little something to mix it up this week)

Red Dead Redemption is probably my favorite game of all time. Between it’s incredible story,  to the world itself, everything reeked of professionalism and really made it an enjoyable experience. Naturally, when the downloadable content was announced, I was excited. But especially excited for the last one on the DLC list, “Undead Nightmare.”

Looks like my ex-wife


I have a little obsession with zombies. Looking directly to my right I see a copy of “Behind the Scenes of Night of the Living Dead,” the abused case of “The Evil Dead 2” and a poster of Zombi 2 on my wall (which is so pleasant to look at while trying to get to sleep). So yeah, a little obsession.

I wish I was kidding.

When I heard of the “Undead Nightmare” DLC I was more than a little excited. Of course it could never live up to my imagination of what it would be like, but it was be neat.

The release date was scheduled to be October 26th, which for you geniuses out there, is today.

I’d like to be the first to tell you that Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare did not meet my expectations. It exceeded them beyond my wildest dreams.

I’ve been playing for about three hours as of writing this, and I’m hooked. So much to do! Where should I begin?

The first thing you’ll notice is that these zombies don’t go down easy. It takes a headshot to kill them which, unless you suck and have auto-aim on easy, is not a terribly easy feat, especially since there are 20 of them running towards you at once. Ammo is also extremely scarce, so there’s a tenseness to the game that never lets up, a feeling of dread only offset by going “Holy shit, that is so cool” every 5 minutes.

There are also new stranger missions added onto the main storyline, optional side quests which add a lot to the game. You thought zombies were bad? There’s many more weird creatures to discover in this game!

Too much cool to possibly be in one image

For any of you who felt guilty after single handedly perpetrating animal holocausts in New Austin in the beginning of the game, prepare to feel even worse as you are shown the consequences of Sasquatch genocide by your own hand. That’s right, I said it: The goddamn Sasquatch.

There are also the four horses of the apocalypse, mythical undead horses with special powers you can exploit. If you can find and tame these beasts, prepare to dominate the undead. “But Griffin,” you say “how can a super attractive sex god such as yourself find one of these creatures?” The simple answer? You get lucky.

But don’t worry, there are other creatures in the game. You can tame wild horses! Oh, yeah, wild undead horses. And those pesky bears? Yeah, they’re undead too. Holy shit could this game get any cooler?

Undead Nightmare is some of the most fun I’ve had with a game in recent memory, so I’d highly suggest picking it up ASAP.

Be quick, or be undead!


Coming Up: A Man and His (Sock)Baby

While Jason Eisener tediously edits together his wonderful feature film, I’ve arranged for another very special guest to speak with us! I’d like you to prepare yourselves for the internet sensation that is John Allen Soares, speaking to us exclusively about his series The Danger Element.

Can you dig it?

Griff’s Film of the Week: The Thing (1982)

Few things are quite as scary as the feeling of isolation, feeling as if you’re alone and you can’t trust anyone. This is especially true  if you are alone and you can’t trust anyone.

This is why we can't have nice things!

Everyone is plotting against you, nothing is certain, and on top of it you’re being stalked by some kind of alien monstrosity that looks like Gary Busey. I am talking of course about John Carpenter’s The Thing, which I regard as one of my favorite horror films ever, and a highlight of the genre.

Kurt Russell plays R.J. Macready, who works at an antarctic station as a helicopter pilot. He, along with a group of large, hairy men burn, electrocute,  perform blood-letting, and even get their hands stuck in the aforementioned alien (this is starting to look eerily similar to my google cache).

But this alien isn’t just any Joe Craig, this alien can take on the appearance of other organisms, becoming a perfect clone. This obviously is a problem for the people who want to kill it, since they can’t tell if it’s their friend or the alien (unless of course the alien actually does take on the form of Gary Busey, in which case I’d give it roughly 2 minutes to live).

This is considered by many to be John Carpenter’s masterpiece, since people got sick of the Halloween series after the 37th installment came out. Combining a perfect blend of suspense, action, and gore into one solid flick, The Thing is an 80’s classic and a must see for any serious horror fan.

It is for these reasons that I award John Carpenter’s The Thing: Griff’s Film of the Week.



Indie Shout Out! – Sockbaby, Episode 1.

For as long as I can remember (which was actually three days ago, but that’s not the point) I’ve wanted make movies. At first I started making shitty films by myself, but I wanted to get better. However I never really had inspiration, nothing that would make me go “I can do that!” That changed when I saw Sockbaby.

Sockbaby was my first introduction into the world of serious online video production and it’s still imprinted in me to this day. From it’s gleefully nonsensical sense of humor, to it’s incredibly colorful characters, Sockbaby is (in my opinion) an essential starting point for anyone looking to get into creating short (5-10) videos.

John Soares, the main actor in the video has gone on to do many things, The Danger Element, Go Sukashi!, and many other excellent series, but Sockbaby will always have a special place in my heart (I went as Ronnie Cordova for Halloween in 09′): And for that I’m awarding it today’s: Indie Shout Out!


Congratulations to “Big Mouth!”

“Big Mouth,” the latest submission from Hey Killer Productions won the heavyweight fight tonight, securing his title as one of my personal favorite submissions I’ve seen as of late. I’ve rarely had so much fun approving the videos, and I had to show “Big Mouth” to some of my co-workers, who were equally impressed.

I’d like to give a personal shout-out to the creators of the short, and I hope they submit more soon! We’re eager to have them back!

Indie Shout-Out! – Gigabots, Episode 1

As I stumble around the internet instead of doing work I find lots of cool indie gems. Now and again (Translation: When I can’t think of something worth a shit to write about) I’ll be giving shout-outs to these shorts.

Most of these will be taken from the Channel 101 vaults, because as many already know I’m a big fan of the site I’m Rob Schrab’s bitch.

Today’s will be the Duncan Brother’s excellent short Gigabots, Episode 1. A pitch perfect combination of Power Rangers, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and other Japanese junk no grown man should be watching (yes, I appreciate the irony of that statement).


Oh Griffin, you perfect nerd


Gigabots is truly a culmination of everything that was wrong with the nineties, teenagers in tight super Sentai costumes solving their problems with disproportionate amounts of violence, giant robots fighting for something, battling some enemy for some reason. Basically my entire childhood in a nutshell.

Without further ado (I know you’ve been eagerly pacing yourselves) I present: Gigabots.

Griff’s Film of the Week: Ichi The Killer (2001)

This is going to be a tough sell, so I’ll do my best to sum it up for you: Ichi The Killer is what you get when you grind up amphetamines, put it in a needle, and shoot it into celluloid. The result is one of the most twisted, horrifying, and genius films to come out in the last 10 years, and one of Takashi Miike’s most controversial films.

Looks like a nice guy.

Miike’s film stars the always badass Tadanobu Asasno playing one of my favorite film characters of all time, Kakihara, who’s featured on the right. If you couldn’t already tell by his friendly, sociable appearance, Kakihara is a Yakuza. Anyone versed in Japanese crime culture will have to suspend belief on his appearance I suppose, but he’s so goddamn badass that nobody gives a shit.

Kakihara is extremely loyal to his boss, and when his boss goes missing Kakihara wants to get him back. What happened to his boss you ask? Ichi happened. Ichi is a 20-something year old man-child who’s extremely adapt at killing, although that’s about all he’s good at. This guy’s got more problems than a hooker in 1888, Whitchapel District, London if you know what I’m talking about. He’s more or less talked into killing whomever his “friends” tell him, via methods I won’t go into.

When an enraged masochist (“If you’re going to give someone pain, you’ve got to get into it!”)  and the ultimate sadist meet, what will the outcome be? Pretty damn incredible if you ask me.

This film is also a good benchmark for dating. Girl asks you out? Give her this movie, if she likes it then you can go party! That’s what I do, and I got tons of babes! (citation needed)

This is one of my personal favorites so be sure to check it out, just don’t blame me when you turn into a serial killer.