Film Fighter Spotlight: Amir Blumenfeld

Amir Blumenfeld is a pretty rad guy. Between his hilarious writing skills for CollegeHumor and his role in the eponymous Jake and Amir, Amir has a large following, and for good reason. Today he joins us to talk about Film Fights, video, and any other awkward questions I throw his way.

Hello Amir! Thanks a lot for joining us!  What got you into comedy?

  • I just wanted to keep doing it until it didn’t make sense anymore… I still haven’t gotten to that point yet.

    Oh baby.

Do the chicks like the glasses or off? I totally think they are sexier on, not that I think you’re sexy or that I would want to run my hands through your beautiful mane, which I wouldn’t, because I don’t.

  • I need my glasses. To see that is.

How long does an average episode take to make? Is Jake and Amir your full job, or is Jake seriously trying to get shit done while you scheme?

  •  Takes about an hour to write, an hour to shoot and two hours to edit. It’s a big part of my full time job which is to be a SENIOR WRITER for COLLEGEHUMOR.COM

 Were you funny in High School? Or did nobody laugh at your jokes, and you just want to make people laugh and had no self-esteem until you wanted to murder everyone with a spork. Which I know nothing about, by the way.

  • Yeah I was kind of a class clown in high school. But I got good grades so not all the teachers hated me… some did though.

How did you discover Film Fights? Has it taught you things you still use today?

  •  My buddy Justin Johnson started the site, I think I won the first week. Or maybe it was the second week … I can’t remember now. It taught me that practice makes perfect. The more you make the better you’ll get! It was also inspiring to see so many other internet filmmakers back in 2003 or 2004 whenever that was.

 Do you write your own dialogue? I quote the “Zark Fuckerberg kickbacks” line almost daily.

  •  Jake and I write each episode together, so I’d say I write about 50% of my lines. I can’t remember who thought of “Zark Fuckerburg” though… we should start taping our writing sessions to give credit where credit is due!

Are you a big nerd? If so, what’s the nerdiest thing you absolutely love?

  • I’m a sports nerd. And a Simpsons nerd. I know a lot about TV show’s and basketball from the 90’s. Go ahead ask me ANYTHING.

What would you like to say to all the young filmmakers on Film Fights that look up to you?

  • I meant ask me anything about sports – nevermind. I’d like to say keep making videos! Stop talking and start DOING! MORE!!! MORE!!! Okay tone it down, you need to have a life outside of filmmaking. NOW MORE!!!

Thanks a lot! It’s been fun!


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