Film Fighter Spotlight: Smooth Films

Hey all! Today I’m interviewing Smooth Films, who won our 3:30 Fight with their film 3rd Floor.

1. So, what inspired you to make this film?
Our friend (and writer) actually got the inspiration from his personal life. He says his father would keep his brothers and him in the backseat of his car and do drug deals all night because he couldn’t find a sitter. He says most of the time his little brothers crying would keep him awake so he remembered most of it. Ted was 17.

 2. Anything you wish you could change, or do differently?

Just the audio and certain jumps. We didn’t think we had time to sync.

3. What would you say the biggest influence on your film would be?

The abuse of alcohol

 4. What are your favorite films?

Too many to list but “A Bittersweet Life” is one of the best films I’ve seen this year. It didn’t have the English subtitles so we had to have our Korean friend translate as we watched.

5. On a scale of 1 to WINNING!, how would you rate Film Fights?

We’d say you guys were full of tiger blood.


6. What was your rig for shooting this?
These contests are rigged?

7. What the fuck is up with those Gogurts!?  It’s like yogurt in a tube, for like, 8 dollars. Seriously, I mean, in this consumer market, what are they thinking?

Alot of my friends like to do ecstacy. I prefer taking ecstacy without taking ecstacy, so pass me another go-gurt.

8. Woah, I’m finished. Was it good for you too?

Best 3 and a half minutes of my life.

9.Well, I have to run, I have work in the morning. Thanks for answering our questions! Hope to see you around Film Fights!



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