Griff’s Film of the Week: The Thing (1982)

Few things are quite as scary as the feeling of isolation, feeling as if you’re alone and you can’t trust anyone. This is especially true  if you are alone and you can’t trust anyone.

This is why we can't have nice things!

Everyone is plotting against you, nothing is certain, and on top of it you’re being stalked by some kind of alien monstrosity that looks like Gary Busey. I am talking of course about John Carpenter’s The Thing, which I regard as one of my favorite horror films ever, and a highlight of the genre.

Kurt Russell plays R.J. Macready, who works at an antarctic station as a helicopter pilot. He, along with a group of large, hairy men burn, electrocute,  perform blood-letting, and even get their hands stuck in the aforementioned alien (this is starting to look eerily similar to my google cache).

But this alien isn’t just any Joe Craig, this alien can take on the appearance of other organisms, becoming a perfect clone. This obviously is a problem for the people who want to kill it, since they can’t tell if it’s their friend or the alien (unless of course the alien actually does take on the form of Gary Busey, in which case I’d give it roughly 2 minutes to live).

This is considered by many to be John Carpenter’s masterpiece, since people got sick of the Halloween series after the 37th installment came out. Combining a perfect blend of suspense, action, and gore into one solid flick, The Thing is an 80’s classic and a must see for any serious horror fan.

It is for these reasons that I award John Carpenter’s The Thing: Griff’s Film of the Week.




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