Indie Shout Out! – Sockbaby, Episode 1.

For as long as I can remember (which was actually three days ago, but that’s not the point) I’ve wanted make movies. At first I started making shitty films by myself, but I wanted to get better. However I never really had inspiration, nothing that would make me go “I can do that!” That changed when I saw Sockbaby.

Sockbaby was my first introduction into the world of serious online video production and it’s still imprinted in me to this day. From it’s gleefully nonsensical sense of humor, to it’s incredibly colorful characters, Sockbaby is (in my opinion) an essential starting point for anyone looking to get into creating short (5-10) videos.

John Soares, the main actor in the video has gone on to do many things, The Danger Element, Go Sukashi!, and many other excellent series, but Sockbaby will always have a special place in my heart (I went as Ronnie Cordova for Halloween in 09′): And for that I’m awarding it today’s: Indie Shout Out!



2 Responses to Indie Shout Out! – Sockbaby, Episode 1.

  1. justin says:

    John and his crew are so professional and awesome!

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