Indie Shout-Out! – Gigabots, Episode 1

As I stumble around the internet instead of doing work I find lots of cool indie gems. Now and again (Translation: When I can’t think of something worth a shit to write about) I’ll be giving shout-outs to these shorts.

Most of these will be taken from the Channel 101 vaults, because as many already know I’m a big fan of the site I’m Rob Schrab’s bitch.

Today’s will be the Duncan Brother’s excellent short Gigabots, Episode 1. A pitch perfect combination of Power Rangers, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and other Japanese junk no grown man should be watching (yes, I appreciate the irony of that statement).


Oh Griffin, you perfect nerd


Gigabots is truly a culmination of everything that was wrong with the nineties, teenagers in tight super Sentai costumes solving their problems with disproportionate amounts of violence, giant robots fighting for something, battling some enemy for some reason. Basically my entire childhood in a nutshell.

Without further ado (I know you’ve been eagerly pacing yourselves) I present: Gigabots.


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