Griff’s Film of the Week: Ichi The Killer (2001)

This is going to be a tough sell, so I’ll do my best to sum it up for you: Ichi The Killer is what you get when you grind up amphetamines, put it in a needle, and shoot it into celluloid. The result is one of the most twisted, horrifying, and genius films to come out in the last 10 years, and one of Takashi Miike’s most controversial films.

Looks like a nice guy.

Miike’s film stars the always badass Tadanobu Asasno playing one of my favorite film characters of all time, Kakihara, who’s featured on the right. If you couldn’t already tell by his friendly, sociable appearance, Kakihara is a Yakuza. Anyone versed in Japanese crime culture will have to suspend belief on his appearance I suppose, but he’s so goddamn badass that nobody gives a shit.

Kakihara is extremely loyal to his boss, and when his boss goes missing Kakihara wants to get him back. What happened to his boss you ask? Ichi happened. Ichi is a 20-something year old man-child who’s extremely adapt at killing, although that’s about all he’s good at. This guy’s got more problems than a hooker in 1888, Whitchapel District, London if you know what I’m talking about. He’s more or less talked into killing whomever his “friends” tell him, via methods I won’t go into.

When an enraged masochist (“If you’re going to give someone pain, you’ve got to get into it!”)  and the ultimate sadist meet, what will the outcome be? Pretty damn incredible if you ask me.

This film is also a good benchmark for dating. Girl asks you out? Give her this movie, if she likes it then you can go party! That’s what I do, and I got tons of babes! (citation needed)

This is one of my personal favorites so be sure to check it out, just don’t blame me when you turn into a serial killer.


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