Hello Sally! Mourning The Loss of Sally Menke

It’s a great shame that the start of the Film Fights blog happens to coincide with the passing of one of the most talented film editors in recent history. Sally Menke, who’s worked on virtually every Quentin Tarantino film since Reservoir Dogs, died Monday as she was walking her dog in the extreme L.A. heat.

Menke and Tarantino

Menke and Tarantino posing for the camera

Sally first broke into Hollywood as an editor on Steve Barron’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Her first escapade with Tarantino was on his first ‘real’ film, “Reservoir Dogs.”  From there, a partnership started that would span almost 20 years.

Tarantino, who was close with Sally, often had his cast and crew give shout-outs too her while filming.

“Look into the camera and tell my lonely editor, stuck in Los Angeles, inside her room all by herself, “Hello,” her name is Sally.”

Many would say Sally was a vital part of Quentin’s brilliance, what will he do now that she’s gone? Well, that’s something nobody can predict.

Despite this sad news, instead of mourning and feeling down, I suggest we remember her for all her excellence, and think of all the fond memories we have of viewing her impressive handiwork.

Sally Menke, the Film Fights community salutes you and all you’ve done for the world of film, one could say you helped inspire young filmmakers everywhere.

Farewell Sally, and may the Force be with you, always.


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